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“Ideas move mountains, especially in turbulent times. Lovemarks is the product of the fertile-iconoclast mind of Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi. Lovemarks is the product of the fertile-iconoclast mind of Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi. Roberts argues vociferously, and with a ton of. Modern marketing is about creating ‘lovemark’ brands that engage According to Saatchi & Saatchi executive chairman, Kevin Roberts.

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Creative leaders are able to do this in three ways. To find bigger problems to solve. What a great discussion on concepts for engaging your audience and creating brands excuse me, lovemarks that last. Return to Book Page.

We make them into what we care about. The warm embrace of consumers throughout the world was the saving grace. Emotion has to be found in ourselves, not in a guidebook or a guru. A recent study tested whether one of Robert’s Lovemarks – Nike – actually enjoyed higher than expected brand loyalty. And we all know that Love cannot be demanded. Con ellas nos explicamos el mundo a nosotros mismos y le damos valor a las cosas que amamos. El gran viaje desde los productos hacia las trademarks y desde las trademarks hacia las marcas ha terminado.


Some marketers question the usefulness of the Lovemarks concept. It brings to mind a number of brands and ideas all around us. Views Read Edit View history. I loved the idea of “lovemarks” and loyalty beyond reason.

La creciente complejidad de muchos bienes y servicios ha hecho que la simplicidad sea un valor. Brands need to broadcast, and lovemarks need to engage and sustain; both need to strategically invest in relationships with people, and tactically shift product. They cry out to be touched. They skillfully combine past, present and future.

What advice do you have on how to better propel ideas and innovation? Robertz los beneficios para tus empleados, lovemarjs y para el mundo en general.

I recommend it to anyone interested in branding or marketing. Otros modelos llevan mensajes y poemas inscritos en las suelas.

Lovemarks: the future beyond brands (Expanded Edition)

The future would be won on relationships, not just transactions. Brands are about the people who make them. You need creative leaders who can work every quadrant, simultaneously, holistically.

You get row upon row of what I call “brandroids”. Jun 04, Chelsea rated it really liked it. Now you have to have High Love as well.


To remember what is important and unchanging — as well as responding with speed and precision to whatever might come at us. Nov 28, db rated it it was ok.

The role of the CMO is not to target audiences but to create movements of people who are loyal beyond reason. The discipline has keivn buffed by so many smart and eager practitioners that there is little traction left.

Lovemark – Wikipedia

Lovemarksexplains Roberts, command both respect and love. Seven years on, Ad Age asks “Where is it going? Descuidan el tipo de reacciones que hacen que las marcas se conviertan en lovemarks.

This is a good read for any business robetts or business owner. Biblioteca de libros empresariales resumidos. Pertenecen a la gente que las ama. The full schema is as follows: One of my themes is the constancy of human nature. Listen to your consumer because they ultimately own the company and its brand.