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Cumplir y respetar las leyes, al igual que cualquier otro deber establecido .. se amparan en las disposiciones del Código de Trabajo de la República Dominicana, el .. Por la comisión de las infracciones contenidas en la ley , sobre. Get this from a library! Código penal de la República Dominicana: incluye las modificaciones de la Ley no. del 28 de enero de G.O. La Ley del 27 de enero de contra la Violencia Intrafamiliar. Para los fines de la presente ley se consideran como jóvenes los dominicanos y.

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Each High Land Court sits at least five judges, but Land Court proceedings are presided by a sole judge.

Consulta Legal

Trujillo, and finally democracy to present. La Comunidad de Bienes. They predominantly hear police and labor matters, as well as any other matter which Congress, through legislation, empower them to hear.

Amigo del Hogar, covering law and case law. Consulta Legal Entradas Atom.

Global Database on Violence against Women

Public Ministry The Public Ministry is the agency of the Executive Branch responsible for directing the investigation of criminal acts, assisting with the prosecution of criminal actions and protecting the interests of the State. Info-Compu – This fee-based database indexes the law of the Dominican Republic from to This Bulletin is published by the Supreme Court of Justice and is also accessible electronically starting with Bulletin No.


The University provides access to the library, but the online leh can not be accessed off-site. The consequences of these conflicts led alternately to dictatorship Ulises Heureux, -anarchy -occupation of the territory by the United States military forces -dictatorship Rafael L.

Muchas veces por la forma de pensar y comportarse de algunas mujeres dominicanas, que interponen y retiran las querellas.

The court expands to a bench of three judges for cases involving crimes which are liable for punishment by incarceration greater than two years. The Constitution of the Dominican Republic, enacted July 25, as found on three sites, below: The President promulgates and publishes laws and resolutions passed by Congress, and he has the constitutional authority under Article 55, section 2 of the Constitution, to issue decrees, regulations and instructions which are binding, but subject to legislative modification.

It was modeled after the Philippines and Australian Torrens system, and remains in effect today [12].

The Dominican Republic has signed several free trade agreements which are still in effect. The Constitution also mandates a Court of Accounts, which examines the country’s finances and reports to the Congress [9].

Depending on the size of the District, these courts may be subdivided into Salas Halls. Since the Dominican Republic has undergone major comprehensive judicial reforms. The major laws regulating republicca Land Courts are: International treaties now in effect in the Dominican Republic can be found at the following sites: It abrogates Ley No.

Dominican Republic

However, the Libreria y Papeleria La Filantropica does not have a complete catalogue, making it difficult to learn about new publications. It has not been updated since To assure an adequate level of income taxes, eliminate fiscal deficit, and reduce tax evasion, republca amendments to the Tax Code were introduced in the years, andmodifying tax figures and institutions.


The Courts of Appeals have original jurisdiction in accusations against lower court judges, Government Attorneys Procuradores Fiscalesand Provincial Governors. The library has no webpage and no online access to its resources. Other special courts include: There are several official institutions responsible for promoting and coordinating on-going judicial reforms in the Dominican Republic.

This recent Relublica reform effectively ended the French judicial tradition, originally adopted by Decree No. There are two main bookstores located in Santo Domingo which specialize in Dominican legal materials. Codigo de Comercio Commercial Code see also here.

Libreria Juridica Virtual has a printed catalogue. Soon after, the French colony of Saint Domingue was established which divided the island into two distinctive cultures — The French on the western side of the island and the Spanish repub,ica the eastern [4].

Unable to control the country effectively, the then governing authorities ceded the country back to Spain in