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Lexmark X L’imprimante multifonctionnelle couleur Lexmark X avec les Add. Twin-Pack #28, #29 Black and Colour Return Program Print Cartridges For more information on how page yields are determined, please Learn more. On the Lexmark website under Drivers & Downloads find the X all-in-one series, to b (or 0xb) which is the PID for the Lexmark X (On the Eee PC, you can also add the printer via the Printers icon on the. Recent Lexmark X All-In-One Printer questions, problems & answers. I went back to check if the program was still there in the add/remove and it was.

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Current status for me is that I can’t even get through the Lexmark installation. This deservers a bump as it probably works for many printers not just the X – one needs only go dmesg grep lp and look at their printer’s PID.

For the Eee PC or other Debian-based distros choose the first option Debian 4 and download the following driver file addd-ins 30MB to your home folder: If you can’t get the installer to run by clicking the icon, open a terminal and try the following: I’ve been looking for z2550 for over a year now Thanks Joedulin, but I tried the sudo thing and still had no luck.


The following commands in a terminal will open each of the relevant files in a text editor: Posted on Nov 01, Be the first to answer.

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Am I just missing something incredibly obvious? Can anybody help me find this x driver? You sir are amazing. Your printer will then print a page forcing ink through the cartridge nozzles and clean them. Just Pull it Up you would see the Cartridge Carrier there!!!!! I had to change the sudo password. Hopefully it can be x25550.

How to make the totally unsupported Lexmark X Work [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I have Cups installed in synaptic, is there any other package I need and then how do I run it? You will now also have the same file but addd-ins so it ends in sh. Posted on Aug 19, Be the first to answer. Hi All, I am trying to install an X and was hoping that these instructions would work. I might get this stuff down some day. I had this working in Karmic, have installed Oneiric and am now in a mess. I have the same problem. Below the Flat Bed Scanner Glass!!!!

Posted on Jan 24, Be the first to answer. Answered on Sep add-inns, I love to implement the solution provided in this thread.

Posted on Jul 04, Be the first to answer. Try to print again. Hey guy Lexxmark can get all the way to the screen that says need to enter admin password but it wont accept mine, and I know it is correct, any thoughts?


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I gave up and bought an Epson, still don’t like having my printer turned into a brick though – any update on this bug? I’m sure I can alter the x driver to work with my x Answered on May 30, Cindy Wells Level 3 Expert Answers.

Answered on Aug 14, Answered on May 22, Don’t connect the printer yet. If only Lexmark would support Linux better. I’m hoping it doesn’t matter on the X series as an alignment sheet can be printed by holding the scan button for 3 seconds, then place it on the scanner glass and press the button again.

How to make the totally unsupported Lexmark X Work. Unplug and replug the printer into the power source to reset it. Unfortunately the print job is failing with the following error stopped “A wrong printer is detected.