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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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It will thus be seen that every portion of this remarkable line may be divided into sections to obtain marvellous detail in making predictions for the future. Such a mark of Fate through the hand must never be considered as “a good line of Destiny. Such persons live for themselves, and care little whether those around them are happy or not. Such people go to extremes in everything they do and are generally fanatics in religion, social reform, or whatever line of thought occupies their attention.

Its absence denotes an extremely robust, strong constitution, and a healthy state of the nervous system. Turning her back on the world of typical teenage girls, she partied hard and made friends with gogo dancers […].

The heaviest and greatest of all would, I told him, be undertaken in his sixty-fourth yearbut how little either of us thought then that in that year the most terrible palmustry of the century would have broken out. It indicates great vitality, power of resistance to illness and disease, and is not found on all hands.

People of this latter class seldom, if ever, produce the great results in the world of art or imagination as do those who have the line simply curving downwards into this Mount.

International Shipping at best shipping prices! For example, the Line of Head may commence in three distinct different ways.

Practical Palmistry: Clear and Common-sense Explanation – Keiro (C.Y. Stephenson)

To know the number of children anyone will have, it is necessary to count these lines from the outside of the hand in towards the palm. No matter how intellectual a man or woman may look, the lines on the hand will indicate whether or not they have developed their intellectuality. There are, again, others where nothing seemed decided, and where the events indicated by the Line of Fate appeared to change from year to year.

A cold, clammy hand is also a sign of poor health, but generally that of a very sensitive and nervous person. The occult books Cheiro wrote centered on fortune telling. A broken Heart Line is a certain sign that some terrible tragedy in the affections will pamistry some time or other overwhelm the subject. Many of these observations are further amplified [Pg xiii] in subsequent chapters of this work.


Practical Palmistry: Clear and Common-sense Explanation – Keiro (C.Y. Stephenson) – The Bookmanship

Such persons are extremely calculating in all matters of love. Many of Cheiro’s books on occultism and fortune telling are still in print today and are available in both English and foreign language editions. Palmishry this curved line is clearly marked and not interfered with by things that look like blotches in it, the person, although of a completely opposite turn of mind to the practical, will yet rise superior to the occasion, and for the time being will develop a practical or business-like way of looking at things which may even be the very reverse ekiro the nature.

A Line of Heart made up like a chain, or by a crowd of little lines running into it, denotes flirtations and inconstancy in the love nature, and seldom has any lasting affection. Marked only on its own Mount, the Line of Sun promises happiness and success, but so late in life as to make it hardly worth having.

When the deep line is found lying close to the line of Heart, the marriage will take place early in life, but the other marks I am going to explain later will give more accurate dates as to when the event will occur.

People with such a Heart Line are firm keito reliable in their affections, they have an unusually high code [Pg 69] of honour and morality. The quality that the Line of Sun denotes is, what is generally called “luck”; with a well-marked Sun Line even a poor Line of Head promises more palmkstry, and it is the same with the Line of Fate.

In such a case we get the double mental personality, but one which is more under the control of the keir of the subject, whereas the two double distinct lines denote that the two mental personalities seem to act independently one from the other. As palmisyry what they should do for the best, in such cases it is always wise to advise the subject to act according to first impulse either in dealing with practical or imaginative things. My Family and Other Animals is the bewitching account of a palmiwtry and magical childhood on the island of Corfu by treasured British conservationist Gerald Durrell.

They will sacrifice everything, home, affection, and all ties for what they believe is their public duty in connection with the work that they have undertaken.

If, on the contrary, all these studies that teach the understanding of character were more encouraged, parents would have less excuse for the supreme ignorance they now show as to the real nature of those children who hold them responsible for their keifo into the battlefield of existence. Employer, lest your first finger is short in proportion as that of your employee is long, for, if such be the case, you too will have “to toe the line” and you may find yourself in a very disagreeable position.


In this case the owner would be, however, more subject to what may be called “a crooked fate” than wilfully “wrong. When a branch seems to shoot off from this line and runs on to the Mount of LunaPlate X.

When the fingers are very supple in the joints and turn keirl or outwards from the palm, it is an indication of a quick wit and clever brain; but such persons lack continuity palmistrt purpose.

Later Cheiro was permitted by Brahmans to study an ancient book that has many studies on hands; After studying thoroughly for two years, he returned to London and started his career as a palmist. It will be impossible for him to avert the trials of his Destiny or mitigate them in any way. This class of Head Line is largely found in cases where the subject is naturally inclined towards drink and intemperance of every description.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro

In this case it is as if these two sides of the mentality, the sentimental and the mental, were linked or in some way united together. The Line of the Sun may rise from the following positions:. When the Line of Fate finishes suddenly with a cross, some great fatality may be expected, but when the cross is found on the Fate Line and on the Mount of Saturn, the ending of such a Destiny will be some terrible tragedy, generally one of public disgrace and public death.

Such persons find the greatest difficulty in expressing what they want to say, but they can write better than speak and should be encouraged to do so.

The singular point about this is that a repetition of circumstances will be found to occur in the aplmistry.

The same marks on a hard, firm hand would not indicate as much delicacy, because hard, firm hands denote in themselves a robust constitution.