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Kanji Renshuu allows you to practice reading and writing kanji in the context of sample sentences. You can use either study lists of kanji or words and then Kanji . Kanji Renshuu (漢字練習) is a flashcard application to help you practice Japanese Kanji characters. A simple Spaced Repetition System (SRS). View the correct stroke order and learn to write all the kanji and kana for 練習 ( renshuu).

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‎Kanji Renshuu on the App Store

Studying for the JLPT exam, or just want to learn more kanji effectively? Then this application is for you. Practice reading and writing kanji in the context of a collection of oversample sentences. Simply tell the application what your JLPT level is, and which kanji you know and which kanji you are studying, and let the application do the rest.

The application will then pick words for you to practice based on the selected kanji and find sample sentences from it’s database of oversentences that use those words.

The application features two modes of play. One for reading, where you fill in the missing furigana, and one for writing, where you draw in the missing kanji.

Vocabulary Card – 練習 – renshuu – NIHONGO ICHIBAN

In writing mode, your kanji will be graded using the unique grading algorithm from our popular Japanese My Way application. Using a unique color-coding system, it’s easy to see what words are inside and outside of your JLPT level, as well as what words you know well, and what words you don’t. The Leitner-based system will also make sure you see more of the words you get wrong, and less of the words you get right.

In fact, when you get a word right five times in a row, it’ll turn it green in other sentences so you don’t have to fill it out again for some time.

It will also make sure you don’t have to wait too long before seeing a word you got wrong again. A progress graph is always available to show you how well you know the words you are studying, and it gives you a percentage of completion so you always know how far you are from perfection.

The application can be purchased once and used on both iPad and iPhone. It even synchronizes your progress between devices using iCloud so you can go on the road with renhuu iPhone and come back later and continue studying on your iPad. Pick up this application today, and storm that upcoming JLPT exam for a price less than a quarter of most popular kanji books! Added fix to play success sound even though show meaning is turned off.

This app may not be great for beginners, but it’s an awesome app for people who have some foundation with kanji and need writing and reading practice. I was so happy with the writing section.

It makes sure you write in the correct stroke order or else you get it wrong, which was frustrating at first but now I appreciate how it’s helping me learn the correct way. You can tap on the kanji you got wrong renshuj see the correct stroke order and how the order you wrote in compares with the correct way. It also gives the kanji in sentences, so it helps with your translation and vocabulary skills as well.


It’s very well developed to help you learn correctly, which is important if you’re studying on your own. It was a little difficult to figure out how to get started at first, because you do need to go into the decks tenshuu select which levels you want to study great for beginners who need the renshhuu and great for renehuu learners who don’t want to start with the beginner kanji.

You need to do this first before you can start. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my purchase! Hi, this app is just what I was looking for! It has really taken me a long time to find an app where I could practice writing and learning kanji at the same time as learning vocabulary and sentences.

In this app you get to practice all of that by having a huge selection of nicely hand-written optionally translated sample sentences that have missing kanji characters based on the level of the ones you are trying to learn, with which you can either practice your writing or reading skills. There is an option for having furigana shown, and you are able to adjust the rate at which new characters are introduced, and will be able to learn kanji and vocabulary all the way from N5 to N1 at your desired speed.

The developer has been very helpful and responsive to feedback and has continued to improve the app. I found this app so difficult to use that I uninstalled it. I couldn’t figure out how to quiz myself. Kaanji took me a while to figure out that I had to go to a separate page to click on which sections to study. It’s not very user-friendly.

Also, probably better for people who aren’t beginners like meas I kamji not familiar with some of the vocabulary in the study sentences. Thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback on the selection UI. The app searches for sentences with the kanji you want to practice and tries to filter them based on your settings in the game options to make sure you don’t get words too complicated for your level.

If you go into options you will see ‘Only show words for’; if you select ‘N5’ here you should see sentences with much simpler words. There are times it can’t find a simple sample sentence and will revert to finding the next easiest sentence for you.

Please contact us at any time if you have any other comments or suggestions. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Fixed some more words where kanji was appearing in place of furigana.

Made launch screen prettier. Fixed bug where you couldn’t exit after seeing comparison animation for failed kanji. Added ability to exit comparison animation by clicking on the background. Improved spacing of leitner system. Fixed bug where some multi-kanji words would have kanji in furigana instead of hiragana. Updated kanji and word definitions to latest.


Fixed bug where the ‘Hide Furigana Help’ option changes were not being saved.

Kanji Renshuu

Updated to take advantage of iPhone X screen size. Updated to improve compatibility with newer iOS features. Add support for iCloud Drive.

Added option to turn off furigana help completely in the options screen.

More sample sentence and dictionary corrections. Fixed a problem in iOS8 that cause crash when trying fill out furigana. Added new play mode to options screen where you can choose to practice words that only contain one kanji. This allows you to focus on words that have the fundamental meaning of kanij kanji.

Added new ability to restore progress from backup in case cloud copy becomes corrupted. Updated dictionary and sample sentence database.

Added extra validation during deck save. Fixed bug that caused music player to stop when sound effects are played. More iCloud stability enhancements. Removed debug dialog accidentally left in. More iCloud stability fixes. Updated dictionaries with latest data. Improved speed saving progress in the background.

Sort kanji ready to play by grade order so you can knock out the easier kanji first and get finished quicker. Progress graph now uses full range of Leitner decks. Progress now gets backed up to kannji phone from the cloud every day in case of emergency. Improved label font sizing for iOS 7. Fixed problem that caused app to crash when loading for some people. Ordered kanji ready to play by grade level so you can knock the easy ones out first. Fixed by that loses progress when converting to new version.

So sorry for those who have already experienced this!

Fixed writing game problem where hint button was hidden by toolbar on iPhone. Work-around to bug where having page curl on Toolbar makes all toolbar buttons non-responsive. Fixed more iOS7 layout issues. Change progress tracking to start tracking data from all 3 apps in one place so progress can be shared.

Application was exiting after copying new decks fixed. Fixed issue causing application crash on play. Changed leitner algorithm to be a little more lenient when you get something wrong.

Vocabulary Card – 練習 – renshuu

Fixed bug where words starting ‘o’ were showing the ‘o’ as part of the furigana in the hint system. Fixed a bug where selecting a vocabulary type list that has a word with a quotation mark in the meaning was causing the app to crash. Oct 31, Version 1. Information Seller Ray Price. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Support Privacy Policy. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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