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Juni Einzelunternehmen, so ist deren Umsatz zusammenzurechnen. Für alle anderen Einzelunternehmen ist der Eintrag freiwillig (HRegV 36). HRegV. Commercial register regulation of 17 October Hrsg. Administrative practice of tax authorities (Verwaltungspraxis der Bundesbehörden). VStG. (). companies limited by shares is available at .ch/ch/d/sr/chtml (art. 78 HRegV [Commercial Register Ordinance]).

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The Swiss Confederation has adopted a so-called Tax Harmonization Law which applies directly at cantonal level; in addition, each canton has issued it own cantonal tax law. Foreign-source income is included in taxable income, but relief is granted for dividend income from qualifying participations. External investors with various liabilities general partners answering jointly and severally and on an unlimited basis, limited partners, on a limited basis can also be involved.


Ecclesiastic foundations are mentioned several times in the Swiss Civil Code, however, the law does not provide a legal definition of the ecclesiastic foundation. Federal Code of Obligations. Minimum authorized rhegv capital Hregf issued share capital Minimum paid share capital Authorized capital payment deadlines Bearer admmin permitted Shelf companies permitted Legal system Incorporation timescale for a turnkey company Cyrillic alphabet permitted in company name Local registered office No.

The deeds of a Foundation need to be executed by a public notary, the Foundation is then registered at the Registry of Commerce to acquire legal personality.

Establishment of a Swiss foundation is much more complex than a Lichtenstein foundation. The tax rate applicable depends on the degree of cognation. Swiss companies are not required to appoint a company secretary. According to Swiss law, family foundations are characterized in such a way that property is available for a family to pay the costs of education, facilities or support of family members or for similar purposes.

The concept of an enterprise foundation is unknown in Swiss legislation. There is zdmin tax return filing for both federal and cantonal income tax purposes. SATC issued minimum standards of professional credentials and a code of ethics.


The taxation is differs from canton to canton. There are no statutory requirements for a Swiss company to have a seal. Foundations with an international scope are usually supervised by the Federal Authorities. With all these organizations active in Switzerland, it is natural that the Swiss Charitable Adin is a frequently used entity. As a rule it includes the following information: Total area Population Capital Unemployment Corruption perceptions index rank General Info Based on the constitution, all cantons have the full right of taxation except for those taxes that are exclusively reserved for the federal government.

Swiss companies are not obliged to prepare and file Annual Return. The principal forms of business organization in Switzerland are: The share capital of a Swiss Limited Liability Company hrwgv be denominated in any currence.

Company name When planning to incorporate your company in Switzerland, you can use the Zefix website www. Family foundations do not need to be registered in the commercial registry in order to obtain legal personality.

It differs from traditional foundations in its organizational structure. In addition, the Federal Circulars of December and July provide a clear description of the relevant requirements. Trusts The anglo-saxon trust law has not been adopted into the Swiss legislation. Certificate admon Good Afmin.

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Unrealized gains and losses from the conversion of financial statements in a functional currency into Swiss Francs are disregarded for tax purposes. In Switzerland no duty exists for professional trustees to register with a supervisory authority. In the event of the settlor’s demise, the trust becomes for tax purposes an irrevocable trust. The amount of his entitlement to distribution will be capitalized hretv the capital value of his entitlement is subject to wealth tax.

Foreign-source income is taxed net of foreign taxes; no credit is granted for foreign tax paid. An enterprise foundation is characterized by an economic activity and pursues a specific property investment policy.

The Foundation Council performs the following unalienable tasks: Therefore, the trust fund and trust income are still attributed to the settlor and distributions to beneficiaries are treated as gifts. Capital gains are included in taxable profits hrfgv subject to normal corporate income tax. Or there is a foundation that is a substantial shareholder of an admih.


According to the Circular No. VAT returns must be filed quarterly and the relevant VAT amount remitted to the federal tax authorities. Cantonal tax rates are as follows: Financial statements should include profit and loss account and a balance sheet.

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Losses may be carried forward for seven fiscal years and may be used against any capital gains or income. However, at least 1 director should be a Swiss resident director and in case of more than 1 director, the majority of the board of directors should be Swiss residents. The foundation is entered into the commercial registry based on the Foundation Charter and indicating the members of the Foundation Council. The distribution of capital gains is not tax-free because the trust assets are not attributed to the beneficiaries for tax purposes.

Foundations are subject to supervision by the community federal, cantonal and municipal to which they belong according to their designation. In Switzerland withholding tax is mainly levied on dividends.

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Furthermore, the company can count on the experience of its strong network of advisors who are specialised jregv national and international legal and tax consulting. In most cantons the tax rate is zero if the heirs are direct descendants of the settlor. The function of the Federal Supreme Court is to hear appeals of cantonal courts or the administrative rulings of the federal administration.

Hfegv Circular No 30 the creation of a fixed interest trust is treated as a donation from the settlor to the beneficiaries.