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Based loosely on Gombrowicz’s own experiences as an expatriate, Trans- Atlantyk is steeped in humor and sharply pointed satire, interlaced with dark visions of. Witold Gombrowicz (), novelist, essayist, and playwright, is considered by many to be the most important Polish writer of the twentieth century. Author. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Gombrowicz () is best known in this Look inside this book. Trans-Atlantyk by [Gombrowicz, Witold].

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It also makes me think of Kafka’s Amerika.

As always Gombrowicz lets for reader to choose his side, though traditional values of Polish society of that time were mocked extremely: Return to Book Page. But the questions posed are of more gomrbowicz nature. I feel as though it is certainly good in Polish and when read by a Pole, but in English and Olde English to boot not as gratifying as his other reads.

He also visited the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, a cavalcade gallops past, chasing imaginary hares. His works are characterized by deep psychological analysis, a certain sense of paradox and an absurd, anti-nationalist flavor. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. You leave tranns group and slip through the crowd and into the streets, never to see Poland again.

Trans-Atlantyk by Witold Gombrowicz

Actually, it’s more readable than I describe. The grotesque book about the relationship between the person and the nation, which is exacerbated by migration and historical circumstances.


October Learn how and when to remove this template message. For the steeliest fans it merits a slow exasperating rereading.

A fantastical series of twists and turns follow in which the young man finds himself, after a debauched night of drinking, involved as a second in a duel. The Obituary by Gail Scott In a world where most stories are produced under severe restrictions of time, space, and genre, Regrettably their prose does not resemble the English of this — or our — time closely, and so they have made a fair mess of things.

Both Gombrowicz and his readers deserve better. Also, it’s untranslatable, sorry. Oversetter Agnes Banach har gjort en kjempeinnsats med gjendiktningen, godt forklart i innledningen. Yes, I know it was actually translated but it cannot convey the author’s intention. Trans-Atlantyk definitely stands out from the other Gombrowicz novels I’ve read. This article does not cite any sources.

Want to Read saving….


Never mind the fact that ten years is long enough to learn it There are few greater and more reprehensible crimes committed against literature every day than that of translation. What is keeping them there in the dark?

It is a valiant atte Trans-Atlantyk is a remarkably funny satire written in a fast-paced style. More than satire, the book seems to be a surreal trip down the rabbit hole. The concepts of mask, form and action-reaction, so well pronounced in Ferdydurke, come back as the focal points.

Trans-Atlantyk – Witold Gombrowicz

Open Preview See a Problem? I can’t compare it to the Polish, but this antiquated style fits perfectly with the picaresque story narrated in Trans-Atlantyk. The book is an English translation of a Polish book which satirizes an antiquated style of Polish novel. Grotesque by genre, but also by results, as the story aimed as universal is almost incomprehensible for a foreign reader both because of translation problems as well as importance of the national historical and literary context.


He condemns anyone who mimics, be it twiddling, flattery, manners, respect, or military action. This article about a historical novel of the s is a stub. Regrettably we can only recommend this volume to those who can not read the original or a superior translation in some other language and who are fascinated by the author or the subject. When news hits that Germany’s invaded Poland and war’s been declared, he chooses to stay behind in Argentina rather than sail back to Europe with his compatriots aware that some might see this as turning his back on his country.

Why would they do this to each other? The complete review ‘s Review:. Finding himself penniless and stranded after the Nazis take over his country, he is taken in by the local Polish emigre community. Taken almost for granted, translation has done more to demean great and gommbrowicz mediocre works of literature than even literary criticism.