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Many women never seek medical attention for dysmenorrhea. Self-medication with analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Primary dysmenorrhea is the most common kind of period pain. It is period pain that is not caused by another condition. The cause is usually. WebMD explains menstrual cramps, which can simply be a tightening of the muscles of the uterus or a symptom of a disorder of the.

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Always check with your health care provider if you are not sure whether or not you should take NSAIDs. The technique is designed to restore motion to a restricted joint and improve function. We found one systematic review search date1 RCT; crossover design; 42 women and one additional RCT, which compared fish oil versus placebo.

Continuous low-level topical heat in the treatment of dysmenorrhea. Quality point deducted for incomplete reporting of results. Directness point deducted for inadequate methods for assessing outcomes 2 Pain NSAIDs v paracetamol 4 —2 0 —1 0 Very low Quality point deducted for sparse data and unclear randomisation methodology.

Spinal manipulation for primary and secondary dysmenorrhoea. You may also have an ultrasound or other imaging test. Acupressure is as effective as ibuprofen at reducing pain in women with dysmenorrhoea moderate-quality evidence.

Non-proprietary label for a dextropropoxyphene hydrochloride and paracetamol combination. Magnets New option added; categorised as Unknown effectiveness as only one small RCT showing they may be effective in women with primary dysmenorrhoea. Comment Toki-shakuyaku-san is a mixture of six herbs, including angelica and peony root.


Reduction of pain and blood levels of prostaglandin-F2-alpha metabolite. It normally lasts for a few days, though in some women it can last longer.

NSAIDs dysmenorhrea be more effective at reducing pain compared with aspirin in women with dysmenorrhoea very low-quality evidence. Oral contraceptives for dysmenorrhea in adolescent girls: Retrieved 25 June The SPID-8 is the sum of the pain intensity differences of all participants up to 8 hours after dosing.

The RCT 36 women compared a training group that participated in 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 days daalah week for 3 months versus a sedentary control group. Double-blind study to evaluate efficacy and safety of meloxicam 7. College students aged 17—19 years.

Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. A review indicated the effectiveness of transdermal nitroglycerin. The second RCT did not report on adverse events.

Period Pain

Aspirin may be as effective as paracetamol at reducing pain low-quality evidence. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Surgical interruption of pelvic nerve pathways for primary and secondary dysmenorrhoea. It found no significant difference between aspirin and placebo in the need for additional medication 3 RCTs: Primary dysmenorrhea is the most common kind of period pain.

Dysmenorrhea – Wikipedia

We found one systematic review search date1 RCT. Consistency dywmenorrhea deducted for conflicting results 1 23 Pain Magnet v placebo magnet 4 —2 0 0 0 Low Quality points deducted for sparse data and incomplete reporting of results 2 68 Pain Laparoscopic uterine nerve ablation v diagnostic laparoscopy 4 —1 —1 0 0 Low Quality point deducted for sparse data.

Consistency point deducted for conflicting results 1 68 Pain Laparoscopic uterine nerve ablation v laparoscopic presacral neurectomy 4 —1 —1 0 0 Low Quality point deducted for sparse data. Other skeletal abnormalities, such as scoliosis sometimes caused by spina bifida might be possible contributors as well.


We don’t know whether magnesium is more effective than placebo at reducing dysmmenorrhea at 4—6 months in women with primary dysmenorrhoea very low-quality evidence. The third subsequent RCT women with primary dysmenorrhoea compared three interventions: Heated patch plus ibuprofen v heated patch plus placebo v unheated patch plus ibuprofen v unheated patch plus placebo.

Quality points deducted for sparse data, poor follow-up, and incomplete reporting adqlah results.

Study design criteria for inclusion in this review were: Annals of African Medicine. Because multiple treatments are being compared at least 2it allows identification of treatment effects against dysmenotrhea, as well as the additive effects of treatments.


Both RCTs included women with dysmenorrhoea and no additional health problems. NSAIDs may reduce restriction of daily activities and increase the ability to work compared with placebo low-quality evidence. Most of the RCTs identified by the systematic review had weak methodology.

An epidemiologic study of young women with dysmenorrhea. Thiamine and vitamin E may reduce pain compared with placebo in women with primary dysmenorrhoea. However, there is no universally accepted gold standard technique for quantifying the severity of menstrual pains.

Dyssmenorrhea Am Coll Health ; The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 4: Co-proxamol compared with placebo: We found one systematic review 1 RCT, search date50 womenwhich aealah herbal and dietary remedies versus placebo.