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Items 1 – 30 of CS Unitec manufactures pneumatic, electric and hydraulic power tools for the construction industry. We are an Authorized CS Unitec. Ohio Power Tool carries CS Unitec tools and accessories. From circular saws and grinders to sanding belts and polishers, find the Unitec power tools you need !. CS UNITEC Model HB Hydraulic Magnetic Drill – Parts Price List Product Group: A Effective: 8/18/ Not responsible for typographical.

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No other drill in its class is so light and powerful. It is now equipped with a wear-resistant mechanical locking system that securely fastens the hose to the arbor. No more searching for allen keys or set screws — just twist and lock. See page 21 for CS Unitec lubricants and cutting oil.

Our complete product line includes electric, pneumatic and csjnitec. Please see page 21 for more information. Page 80 Dustless Concrete Tools and Vacuum These filters are washable and reusable.

A separate 25 mm cwunitec grinding wheel is provided Work Faster With both a portable water supply and a continuous loop system, you will conserve water and save time normally used for refilling portable pumps. Ideal for concrete and masonry applications. The drill stand Quick Change mount allows the operator to switch from hand-held to stand mounted drilling quickly. Ideal for graining, polishing, brushing, blending, deburring, cleaning welds, roughing and more.

Pages Pneumatic Reciprocating Saws The EPF will roughen, descale, abrade, clean and texturize, as well as remove plaster, old paint, adhesives, priceist and resins. Adjustable cutting depth to 1″. Work Cleaner The slurry containment and vacuum system keeps the work area clean and dry — spend less time cleaning up.


Exhaust Air Outlet 3 3 3. CS Unitec continues to be a leader in innovation with their industrial power tools while maintaining the high quality priceoist are known for. If airflow is restricted by dirty filters, the vacuum sensor automatically activates the cleaning mode when the power tool is turned off. Note that while the motor is pricrlist, the magnet cannot be disengaged. Pages Portable Hacksaws Heavy-duty Blades These blades are much thicker than standard blades and have a stronger double-tang mount for heavy-duty cutting, either free-hand or with a clamp.

Diamond Core Bits Order No. You csjnitec have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as hospitals, office buildings, factories, patios and more. Tie strip closes bag to seal in dust for easy disposal. Pages Portable Reciprocating Saws With the largest capacity in the industry, plastic priceljst bags need fewer changes, saving you time and money.

Therefore, they can be aligned exactly with the required blower area. Automatic Control senses working load and adjusts to tool demand and returns to idle when load falls below threshold and Always-On which maintains constant engine speed at all work loads. Model 2 Power 3. Centreless Centerless Grinding centerless Grinding Pages Electric Csuniitec Drills ETN P Weight: They mix the product from the bottom up to prevent air bubbles from being sucked into the material.


CS Unitec Products |

Consequently, CS Air Movers have a nearly unlimited service life and they are quieter pricelost comparable units. Drive Head Female Sq. We offer the widest range of portable pneumatic, electric and hydraulic saws in the industry. The hose connecting the reservoir to the spindle has also been upgraded. Taper in steel in steel Cap.

Rig-mounted up to 6″ dia.

CS Unitec Products

All CS Unitec drills are heavy-duty for use in construction and industry. Ideal for heavy-duty drilling in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, natural stone and refractory. JP for fiberglass and sheet metal production Pneumatic 1. Power Assist The Power Assist is a standard capstan, designed with delayed torque transfer. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Available as electric or air, this is a versatile csuunitec that renders weld seams invisible and gives stainless steel a polished finish.

grinding system machine for stone

This provides increased tool life and reduces cutter breakage. Hand-crank can be mounted on either side of the drill stand. Includes a 7 second shut-off delay to clean any dust in the hose.

This maximizes suction and doubles filter life. It is designed for use in petrochemical plants, offshore oil and gas facilities, mining, shipyard, marine and processing plants.

Two-speed gearbox provides optimum RPM for hole sizes up to 4″ diameter.

Portable Magnetic Drills p. Model 3 Special Features: