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You will also have access to dozens of video tutorials that will cover every aspect of building and publishing a FANTASTIC website! With BlueVoda you can. TUTORIAL: Creating a Go Menu in BlueVoda TUTORIAL: Creating a Text Menu in BlueVoda TUTORIAL: Adding HTML in BlueVoda BlueVoda is an offline website builder offered by VodaHost web hosting I highly recommend that you watch their video tutorials – thankfully.

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Using This ManualThroughout the manual, there will be cross-references to other parts of the manual. These will generallybe in the form of a dark gray page number—for instance, Chapter 4 is on page 54 clicking the numberthere will go directly to page The Table of Contents is also cross-referenced; click on the sectionyou’re looking for tutoruals travel there instantly. Created in the United States of America. Published by VodaHost, Inc. You Will Love It! Table of ContentsClick a chapter of section heading to go directly to that page.

What BlueVoda Includes 4. Installing and Configuring BlueVoda bluvoda. Downloading the Installer 7. Unpacking the Installer Optional 7.

Running the Installer 7. Getting Help and Tutorias 8. Initial Website Building Setup 9. BlueVoda’s File Menu An Introduction to BlueVoda Summary Naming Pages in BlueVoda Setting Page Properties in BlueVoda Previewing and Printing your Website Publishing your Site in BlueVoda How to create printer friendly web pages bluevoca BlueVoda’s Edit Menu Locking and Unlocking Objects in BlueVoda BlueVoda’s View Menu BlueVoda’s Insert Menu Working with Text in BlueVoda Working with Images in BlueVoda Using the Lightbox feature in BlueVoda PayPal Integration in BlueVoda Creating Hyperlinks in BlueVoda Creating a Go Menu in BlueVoda Creating a Text Bluwvoda in BlueVoda Working with Shapes in BlueVoda The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: Creating a new Form based on a Template in Buevoda Wizard 3.

Editing a form Creating a Guestbook in BlueVoda Creating an inline frame in BlueVoda Adding External elements in BlueVoda Using the Logomaker in BlueVoda How to Add Flash How to Insert Movies BlueVoda’s Format Menu BlueVoda’s Table Menu Working with Tables in BlueVoda BlueVoda’s Layout Menu Using Guide Settings in BlueVoda BlueVoda’s Tools Menu BlueVoda using Different Languages BlueVoda Sitemap Generator BlueVoda’s Window Menu How to Create a Download OverviewBlueVoda is the World’s most comprehensive and powerful website builder for personal computers andoffers by far the most complete website building experience available for home tutoriaals.

Subsequently you have full control to edit, resize and move any web element at any time in b,uevoda way. BlueVoda is a tool that can be used to create a website that is static or dynamic with incredible results.

Used to facilitate the publishing of your web-pages to the Internet via VodaHost’s servers. Hosting A desktop link to the VodaHost site; a VodaHost account is required to publish web- pages built with the BlueVoda website builder. SEO A desktop link to the VodaHits site; here you can optimize your website so that they can be found easier by the search Engines.


VodaHost is committed to helping you construct your first web page and getting you online as quickly aspossible. Creating your first web page can be a daunting task: The first thing that you should do when preparing to construct your first web page is to define it.

Watch These Tutorials to Create a Website

Whatdo you want your web page to do? Don’t just start constructing your page; really think hard about it. Youshould consider how you want it to look and what information you want to provide to your prospectivecustomers in order to persuade them to buy your products or services rather than going elsewhere.

Be sure that you organize your pages well; think of your Home Page like the Table of Contents page in abook – it’s there so that your customers know where to go in your site for their particular needs, or justto familiarize themselves with your products. When defining your site you should certainly do yourhomework. Always visit your competitions web site to see how they have organized their site, so youcan make yours better, whether it is just including more information about your product, or simplyimproving the design of your site.

Now that you’ve given some serious thought to how you want your web site to look and what you wantto include in it, you need to decide on a name for it. Another approach is to make the name memorable so that your customers can type it in withoutthought, the name does not have to be descriptive of the product you sell, for example amazon.

You should keep the name as short as possible too, so that it’s easy for your customers totype the URL into the text field. With your web page named and thought given to how you want it to look, here are some pointers forbuilding your site.

This will alsospeed up the download speed of your page so that the customer can view quickly without having to waitfor large picture files to be rendered in the browser.

One of the most aggravating things for people surfing the web are pages that take a long time todownload. All those fancy graphics will do you no good if, instead of waiting for the page to download,the viewer closes his browser and goes elsewhere. Consider going light on the pictures and heavy on thetext content. You should also put some serious thought into what color fonts you tuttorials going to use as well as thebackground color.

If in doubt, remember that a white background with black text has been successful forthousands of years! Your ttuorials should also be easy to navigate, all your links should be obvious to the bouevoda, and shouldbe self explanatory or have information about where the link will take them.


BlueVoda Website Builder tutorials

Try to keep the number oflinks you have low, the viewer does not want to spend a lot of time waiting for links to download,chances are, like you, he is pretty busy! Further, always link back to your homepage in order to makenavigating your web page easier for your potential customers. Now, before you even open up BlueVoda, you should construct your web site on paper.

Decide thenumber of pages you want to have inside of your site, and determine logical titles for them.

Think of anypictures that you might want to put on each page and where you are going to put them in order to bemost effective. You should plan out your hyperlinks now, as it will make keeping track of them later a loteasier and save you time trying to figure out why they are not working properly. Decide where you wantto put any buttons that you might create for hyperlinks as well.

Lastly write out any information contentyou will be putting onto your web page in Microsoft Word first so you can detect any spelling errors youmight have made. You can cut and paste parts into BlueVoda later. Lastly, familiarize yourself with BlueVoda before you start using it. Watch the Video Tutorials that weoffer so that you have an idea of what you can do with BlueVoda.

Further, you should make a practicepage first so that you can get a feel for BlueVoda and some experience using it before you startconstructing a page which you will publish on the World Wide Web. It takes two to three months to learn how to use DreamWeaver and at least a month to learn FrontPage,while you can learn BlueVoda in hours. Practice adding and deleting text, pictures, and hyperlinks untilyou can do these actions with ease.

Building a web site with BlueVoda is easy if you follow the above steps. The most important part of theconstruction process actually takes place before you open BlueVoda. Think of constructing your web sitelike taking a test back in school, those who prepared before the test probably did better than those whojust went in without even opening their books. Installing and Configuring BlueVodaI. To download thelatest version of BlueVoda, visit the BlueVodawebsite, enter your first name and emailaddresses where prompted and follow theprocedure outlined in the email that you receive.

Depending on your choice, the file you willdownload will either be called setup. If you require an additional tool for unzipping, you can try IZArc which is a great freeware utility forzipping and unzipping files.