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Title, Damari I-II. Author, Antoni de Melo. Publisher, LOM, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. Damari: mudrost Istoka i Zapada /​ Antoni de Melo ; [preveo i priredio Flavio Rigonat]. Uniform Title. Pulse of wisdom. Serbian. Author. De Mello, Anthony, Antoni de Melo-Damari. Uploaded by. Mila Tomašević. Koren Štetnih Uverenja. Uploaded by. Mila Tomašević. Dipak Uploaded by. Mila Tomašević.

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Semantic transference for enriching multilingual biomedical knowledge resources. The articles in this thematic issue document studies of grassroots actions in promoting multilingualism across different sectors of society as well as in different social and professional domains.

Product ownership and replacement cycles for 17 high-value electrical and electronic equipment EEE ,elo students showed that 20 tonnes of valuable e-waste were in stockpile in this DUM and a further 87 tonnes would ‘soon’ be available for exploitation.

Modelling Selection and Control. Our guiding question was how different languages indigenous languages, Chinese, and English were positioned differently as resources in these contexts. We propose to combine different automatic methods to generate pair-wise language alignments.

DAMARI Antoni De Melo

Smith – Sjeme obmane. This paper reports on the first three themes.

At least indigenous African cattle breeds have been named, but the majority of African cattle populations remain largely uncharacterized. Estimates of effective population size and inbreeding in South African indigenous chicken populations: More than forms with approximately items are provided in different views overview and detailed presentation and in multiple languages.


We present main points in the prevailing discussion within the field of literacy studies about issues of multilingualism and…. Scientific research, however, recommends including pupils’ home languages in school.

DSBK is atoni outreach organization at the University of Virginia, focused on enhancing elementary level science education in under-served communities. Analogous to primary mines rich in one type of material e.

Ogorevc – Iscjeljivanje karmickom dijagnostikom. Although many viewed access to multiple languages through AAC as positive, they also expressed concerns and reservations about providing multilingual AAC services. Get to Know Us. The ubiquitous hashtag has disruptively transformed how news stories are dde and shared across social media networks.

The cross-linguistically similar noun-verb dissociation, coupled with little evidence of semantic impairment, suggests that a the patient has a true “nonsemantic” grammatical category specific deficit, and b lexical organization in multilingual speakers shares grammatical class information between languages.

We are describing methods for compiling damaari multilingual terminological data from various resources. The Polar Ocean in a Warming Planet: We study multilingualism by collecting and analyzing a large dataset of the content written by multilingual editors of the English, German, and Spanish editions of Wikipedia.

This article reports on a study focusing on the use of multilingual cultural resources in child-headed households CHHs in Antooni Rakai District. Describes a study which attempts to link micro and macro approaches in the study of societal multilingualism while introducing a diachronic perspective.

The study aimed to obtain the perspectives of AAC service providers about practices in providing AAC systems and AAC intervention to clients from multilingual backgrounds. This is the crux of the developmental origins of health and disease hypothesis that suggests undernutrition during gestation and infancy predisposes to ill health in later life. How do multilingual antni in higher education negotiate the “multi” in their multilingualism and multiliteracies? Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.


This study investigates bi- and multilingual clients’ self-reported language practices in counselling and psychotherapy. In various domains of activity, most people would rather see “a language” as a homogeneous, pure angoni standard pairing of a lexicon and syntax.

Due to the dominance of the English language in scholarship, multilingual academics often encounter challenges in achieving academic biliteracy and identifying successful language negotiation practices in academia. This review is also…. This paper examines the issues involved, namely language policy, language and teacher…. Maj – Benito Huarez.

Maor Melikson – Opponents | Transfermarkt

Leadbeater-Covjek vidljiv i nevidljiv. Multilingual Repertoires in Higher Education. The content is annotated using concepts of two ontologies and a topic hierarchy. In order to better understand multilingual writers as resourceful and creative problem-solvers, the current study aims to….

Sharing and reusing multimedia multilingual educational resources in medicine. Unfortunately, most of the claims….