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Title. Ancient India: an introductory outline /​ by D. N. Jha. Author. Jha, D. N. ( Dwijendra Narayan), Published. New Delhi: People’s Pub. House, Ancient India: an introductory outline / by D. N. Jha. Main Author: Jha, D. N. -. Language(s): English. Published: New Delhi: People’s Pub. House, Results 1 – 12 of 12 D.N. Jha. Ancient India in Historical Outline. EAN; Publisher: Manohar . Ancient India An Introductory Outline Dn Jha.

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Catalog Record: Ancient India : an introductory outline | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Meditations for People in Charge. Burning may have been supplemented by the use of the iron indis for cutting the forests in some areas. My thanks are due to Shri S. Available evidence does not indicate the continuance of royal succession in one family for more man three generations.

The coronation rituals of the period are reminiscent of the earlier elective nature of the king’s office. On the basis of the association of the copper A boards with a ceramic type called the Ochre Coloured Pottery, archaeologists have placed them between and BC. He was therefore called their protector gopa janasya or gopati janasya. Sargon of Akkad BC is said to distance trade, have taken pride in the fact that the ships of Dilmun, Magan and Harappan craft production included some works of art.

But to trace contemporar] Indian religious practices to Harappan times often ignores the element of change that crept into them from time to time. Rajwade’s insightful study in Marathi of the evolution of the institution of marriage is a classic. We come across a family consistinj of a poet son, his father a physician and mother a grinder of corn.


Since the rite was thought of as accomplishing a second birth, members of the three higher anccient were described by the epithet dvija twice-bornthough later many kshatriyas and vaishyas ceased to perform the initiation ceremony. The floods perhaps derived from violent geomorpho- logical changes in the lower Indus region, leading, in turn, to the economic decline of the Harappan settlements. This does not apply to Rajendra Lai Mitra — 91 ,Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar andVishwanath Kashinath Rajwade who generally adopted a rational attitude to the past.

The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism. That some of the major ruling outlinne like the Indo- Greeks, Shakas and Kushanas were not Hindu was ignored. Introduction to Sanskrit Part I. I cannot, however, restrain myself from expressing my gratitude to Professor R.

Vishvamitra was his chief priest, who had led him to victorious campaigns jhaa the Vipas and the Shutudri. The answer is suggested by a large number of primitive stone tools found in different parts ancieht the country, from Kashmir to Tamilnadu. Most of these developments had their origin in Gupta times, but were to become prominent thereafter, f he end of the sixth century and the beginning of the seventh may therefore be treated as the watershed between the ancient and medieval period.

One of their branches migrated to Iran where they lived for a long time.

More hated than the Panis were the Dasas and Dasyus. Tags What are tags? But they also practised agriculture. Probably they were high functionaries and looked after metal-working, chariot-making, chariot-driving, etc. The student brahmacharin was trained at the home of a brahmana teacher for a number of years; the Vedas constituted the main subject of study Education was imparted orally and learning was by rote; oral transmission of knowledge has been, in fact, an integral part of Indian tradition.


It took place in several stages, covering several centuries and involving many tribes. Music in the Sky. Rama- krishna Paramahansa asserted that Hinduism embraced all religions in its fold.

D. N. Jha – Wikipedia

Lists What are lists? Comments and reviews What are comments? They cultivated wheat, rice and bajra as also several A pulses such as lentil masurblack gram and grass pea. Moreover, if the establishment of Muslim rule marks the beginning of medievalism, several contemporary West Asian countries as well as Pakistan will have to be placed in the medieval age. When well advanced in age, he introducrory from worldly life to become an ascetic vanaprastha.

Less hostile to India than Mill, Smith nevertheless believed that it had a long tradition of oppressive despots— a tradition which ended only with the advent of the British.

Ancient India: in Historical Outline

First he was to be a brahmacharin, leading a celibate and austere life as a student at his teacher’s house. They fought a fratricidal war with their collaterals, the Pandavas, inida BC, at Kurukshetra near Delhi; its magnified version formed the theme of the great epic Mahabharata, compiled much later around the fourth century AD.

Our website is secured by bit SSL encryption issued by Verisign Incmaking your shopping at Sapnaonline as secure as possible. It is therefore possible to argue that medievalism did not coincide with the advent of Islam but that it was the end of Gupta rule towards the end of the sixth century AD which marks the beginning of some significant developments in India.